I sold my 29 share position in Sanderson Farms this morning at a price of $143.88. After commission, proceeds for the sale were $4,165.47. This results in a gain of 63.61% from when I purchased the stock last year.

I purchased Sanderson Farm last December because I thought chicken prices could increase and the stock already had an attractive earnings yield. The gains in chicken prices exceeded my expectations and fueled SAFM’s earnings higher.

Sanderson Farm doesn’t have much of a competitive advantage or “moat”. It sells a commodity: chicken. As a cigar butt value investor, I don’t look for enduring franchises, just value. Sanderson was a good value at the beginning of the year, but the increase in chicken prices doesn’t look sustainable to me and I decided to take my profits and move on.

In terms of relative valuation, Sanderson Farms now exceeds the valuation of its competitors. When comparing relative values, I like to look at the price to sales ratio. Here is where the metrics currently stand:

Sanderson Farm: 1.0

Tyson: .6

Pilgrim’s Pride: .9

Sanderson 5-year average: .6

It seems like a good time to take my profits off the table now that Sanderson exceeds the valuation of its competitors and is 66% higher than its typical valuation. If this were a taxable investment account, I may have waited until I reached a full year to take advantage of long-term capital gains. As this is a traditional IRA, there is no reason to hold onto the stock any longer than I feel is necessary.

This sale brings my cash position up to $8,333.90, or 17% of my portfolio. I would like to avoid timing the market so I would like to deploy this soon into new equity. I am considering adding to my position in Gamestop or Dillard’s, but I’ll evaluate some other possibilities this weekend over a bottle of vintage 2017 Coke Zero.

Some possibilities I’m considering that I will research more in depth this weekend:

Companies below tangible book:

Atlantic American Corp (AAME)

Appliance Recycling Centers of America (ARCI)

High earnings yields:

Genesco (GCO)

Foot Locker (FL)

Francesca’s Holding Corp (FRAN)

Interdigital (IDCC)

If anyone has any thoughts on any of these companies, I would love to hear them!

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