Continuing with the rebalance. I hope to have my 2018 portfolio set up by the end of next week.

I executed the below trades this morning:

Buy 21 shares of CTB @ $34.75

Buy 405 shares of BGFV @ $7.48

Buy 465 shares of FRAN @ $6.64

Sell 37 shares of VLO @ $86.78

Sell 150 shares of AEO @ $17.38

Sell 40 shares of DDS @ $57.58

Sell 22 shares of FL @ $44.72 (reducing the position back down to $3,000. The position grew by 1/3 since I bought it in September)

Sell 81 shares of CATO @ $15.18

PLEASE NOTE: The information provided on this site is not financial advice and it is for informational and discussion purposes only. Do your own homework. Full disclosure: my current holdings.  Read the full disclaimer.

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