Amtech Systems (ASYS)


Key Statistics

Market Capitalization = $66.96 million

Cash & Equivalents = $62.50 million

Current Assets = $124.29 million

Total Liabilities = $56.32 million

Net Current Asset Value = $67.97 million

Z-Score = 2.45

The Company

Amtech operates three segments in three industries: (1) Semiconductors, representing 45% of revenue, (2) Solar cells, representing 47% of revenue, and (3) Polishing of newly sliced silicon wafers, representing 8% of revenue. They supply components and materials used in the manufacture of semiconductors and solar panels.

While the company has produced profits and cash flows for the last couple of years, the market believes semiconductor and solar revenues hit a cyclical peak this year and that the company is doomed to return to its loss-making years. In 2014, 2015, and 2016 Amtech generated net income losses of $13.09 million, $12.94 million, and $7.91 million respectively.

You see this same sentiment in mega caps like Micron, another one of my holdings. For a micro-cap stock like this, this sentiment is producing brutal price declines – i.e., a company selling for less than the cash it has in the bank. Amtech is down 55% year to date.

For the solar business, in particular, the industry is subject to brutal pricing pressure and is likely not a “good” business going forward. Solar projects are being shelved due to the President’s trade war and inclinations against the solar industry.

Furthermore, the company is diluting the shareholders. They have issued shares in the last year and the share count is up 8.37%.

My Take

Amtech is operating in a brutally competitive industry that appears to have peaked, they are issuing shares, and the situation appears grim. Why am I buying this stock?

I bought this because of the absurd valuation. This currently trades below net current asset value and for roughly the cash that they have in the bank.

Usually, when a net-net is this cheap, there are usually catastrophic losses going on. There is typically an asset value, but the market believes that the asset value will quickly go away due to losses. The risk is usually that the company will piss away the cash and the company will go out of business. This is not the case here. With a Z-Score of 2.45, the risk of bankruptcy is minimal. The company is also producing cash flows and earnings, which is extremely unusual for something trading this cheap. In 2017, they made $9.13 million in net income. In 2018, they made $5.31 million. They also produced free cash flow for the last couple of years, generated $5.3 million of free cash flow in FY2018 and $10.53 million in 2017.

There is also a high degree of insider ownership, with insiders owning 15.63% of the company. This is a positive sign, as insiders have a strong incentive to keep the business afloat.

I have no idea if semiconductor and solar demand is at a cyclical peak. As a value investor, I am drawn to the industries where Mr. Market is fretting, stressing, and creating potential bargains. Amtech seems like a compelling bargain to me. Even if the business is at a cyclical peak, I don’t think it matters for a stock like this. Frankly, I would be attracted to this stock even if it were producing losses.

When a company sells for the cash in the bank, all it needs to do to perform well is to simply survive. The question I am trying to answer is: Will Amtech exist a year from now? Will they maintain the current asset value? With a high degree of insider ownership and steady cash flows, I think the answer to both questions is yes. When a net-net like this is generating profits and cash flows, it seems like a compelling opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Amtech Systems (ASYS)”

  1. Good find. Ugly business, but too cheap to ignore. Net-net and profitable is usually a sure thing.
    But why did they dilute? Management compensation? Makes no sense if they are earnings and cash flow positive.

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  2. What are the major risks to your thesis? I know you mentioned the industry as a whole experiencing a downturn, but what are company specific risks? I’m also invested in a small cap semiconductor (INTT) and ASYS has appeared on many of my screens.

    Thanks for the write-up!


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