National General Holdings (NGHC)


Key Statistics

Enterprise Value = $2.982 billion

Operating Income = $375 million

EV/Operating Income = 7.95x

Earnings Yield = 9%

Price/Revenue = .48x

Debt/Equity = 38%

The Company

National General Holdings is an insurance company. The company traces its origins back to a company called Integon, which was specialized in auto and life insurance. Integon was acquired by General Motor’s insurance arm in the ’90s. For a few years after GM’s demise, the company was held by a private equity firm. It was then spun out as an independent company in 2014.

Key insurance products are standard auto insurance, nonstandard auto insurance (such as insuring high risk drivers), homeowner’s insurance, RV insurance, and small business auto insurance. They operate throughout the country, with large footprints in a handful of states, such as North Carolina, California, New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia, Louisiana, Michigan and Alabama. Revenues have steadily grown over the last 10 years, from $675 million in 2011 to $4.6 billion today. This has been through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

As a relatively small player in the insurance market, they focus in niche insurance products. Key niches include insurance for high risk drivers who have difficulty finding policies with other carriers (which are balanced by higher premiums charged to these drivers) and RV insurance.

The stock has been under pressure for the last year due to concerns about the wildfires in California. About 15% of NGHC’s premium volume is generated from the state of California.

My Take

National General is in my wheelhouse. It’s a cheap insurance company with little debt, consistent profitability, and the price is under some temporary pressure. I invest in these kind of situations all the time and NGHC is no different. Right now, on the basis of book value and revenue, NGHC is the cheapest it has ever been in its history.

The nice thing about insurance companies is that the market almost always overreacts to recent bad news, such as NGHC’s experience with the California wildfires. The truth is that the best time to buy an insurance company is after a big loss rather than after a tranquil period.

National General Holdings trades at a discount to its competitors and its history. The current P/E of of 10.6 compares to an industry average of 19.7. The 5-year average for the company is 18.76. The price/revenue ratio of .48x compares to a 5-year average of .72x and an industry average of 1.32x. Currently, the stock is the cheapest in its history, including where it traded post-GFC. On an EV/EBIT basis the stock trades at 7.95x, which compares to a 5-year average of 13.53x.

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