Rather than have 60% of my portfolio sit in cash while I await the opportunity to buy a wonderful business at a wonderful price, I moved my cash balance into my weird portfolio approach.

As I’ve stated – my criteria for buying individual stocks are now very strict and I’m not going to settle for something I’m not 100% comfortable with. It will take a long time to find 12 of these positions. Rather than hold cash while I hunt for these opportunities, I will have my cash balance in my weird portfolio approach.

I think this is a better approach than sitting on such a large cash balance.

Bought 56 shares of VBR @ $115.31

Bought 62 shares of VSS @ $103.17

Bought 85 shares of VNQ @ $77.40

Bought 66 shares of VGLT @ 96.80

Bought 335 shares of SGOL @ $18.173

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