About Me

Greetings! My name is Michael and I am a value investor. My outlook is inspired by the ideas of Benjamin Graham. I am 34 35 years old and I’ve had a strong interest in investing since my teens.

At the end of 2016, I had $51,000 in my IRA brokerage account and I wanted to begin buying and selling stocks with this portion of my net worth instead of indexing, which is what I do with my 401(k) and my taxable investment account. For this piece of my net worth, my goal is to stick with a value strategy through thick and thin over a long period of time instead of simply indexing. I plan on maintaining a 20-30 stock portfolio and rebalancing it annually. The fact that this is an IRA is helpful as I won’t have to pay taxes on each gain and dividend payment, which can add up over time and hinder compounding.

My performance and live trades will be tracked on this blog. My failures and successes will on this blog for all to see. The hardest aspect of value investing isn’t understanding the concepts, it is having the discipline to stick with it when it isn’t working. I hope that a site where I track my trades can keep help me stick with the strategy and avoid the siren song of market folly. I also hope to interact with other value investors and financial bloggers so we can share ideas, minimize our failures and maximize our success.

I can be reached at valuestockgeek@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: The information provided on this site is not financial advice and it is for informational and discussion purposes only. Do your own homework. Full disclosure: my current holdings.  Read the full disclaimer.

I am a value investor. My outlook is inspired by the ideas of Benjamin Graham. This site is a real time chronicle of my portfolio and an outlet to share my ideas. I hope you enjoy.