Holdings & Performance

Below is a list of my current holdings.  For a summary of my strategy, click here.  The current portfolio is a mix of low P/E stocks with strong balance sheets and one special situation spin-off, MSG Networks. I also own Pendrell (PCO), which I purchased below net current asset value. I also own a basket of country indexes with low Shiller PE ratios. Blog entries for each trade can be accessed here.


Below is the performance of my portfolio compared to what I could have made in a passive S&P 500 indexing approach.


Below is a list of all sold positions.


PLEASE NOTE: The information provided on this site is not financial advice and it is for informational and discussion purposes only. Do your own homework. Read the full disclaimer.

I am a value investor. My outlook is inspired by the ideas of Benjamin Graham. This site is a real time chronicle of my portfolio and an outlet to share my ideas. I hope you enjoy.

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